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Life Insurance for Expats in Spain

Experts in Life Insurance for Expats in Spain since 1999

A Private Life Insurance for Expats in Spain is necessary.

As, it provide peace of mind for you and the people you want to protect most, your family. You can ensure the financial security of those closest to you. 

Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Family Protection or Business Protection, there can be many reasons for taking out a Life Insurance Policy and these may include:

  • Making up for your lost income
  • Funding your child’s eduction
  • Paying off household debt such as a Mortgage
  • Paying off a Loan
  • Paying for funeral and other related expenses
  • Covering Inheritance Tax costs
  • Maintaining the standard of living of your family

We can guarantee that not only do we have excellent Life Insurance products, but the premiums are also very competitive and provide much better value for money when compared with those policies provided by the banks.  We can often provide a saving of up to 50% when compared with Banks here in Spain.  So although your Bank may advise you to the contrary, you should know that there is no legal reason why you cannot change your Life Insurance to us and start saving your money.

Savings Plans & Pension Plans

Also help you prepare for your future and that of your family.  Start now to save for the future.  In this day and age none of us can rely upon a state pension to maintain our standard of living when we retire.  It is said that by the time we many of us reach retirement age that there may not be anything left in the kitty.  This is why a Personal Savings Plan or Pension Plan is now more important than ever.

We have various products available but most importantly, and given the current economic climate, we have Savings Products that offer Guaranteed Growth for your savings.  If you have any savings in a Bank Account that does not provide you any interest or growth then now is the time to move those funds to one of our Savings Plans and start earning interest on your savings.

Investment Products

For those that like to take a little more risk we also have flexible Investment Products available.  A full spectrum of risk levels are available depending upon whether you are Risk Averse or a Risk Seeker.  For the Risk Averse there are Investment Products available that are less risky as they offer Guaranteed Growth on your investment.  There is also transparency at all times as you will see the costs related to your investment.  There are also options to move move your investment from one fund to another.